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Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Pvt James H Mills


Fort Meade Florida – Private James H. Mills joined the U.S. Army, Company F, 15th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division and served his tour near Cisterna di Littoria, Italy, 24 May 1944. During his time there, Private Mills received this citation to receive the congressional medal of honor, the military branches highest commendation for valor.

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. Pvt. Mills, undergoing his baptism of fire, preceded his platoon down a draw to reach a position from which an attack could be launched against a heavily fortified strong point. After advancing about 300 yards, Pvt. Mills was fired on by a machine gun only yards in distant. He killed the gunner with 1 shot and forced the surrender of the assistant gunner. Continuing his advance, he saw a German soldier in a camouflaged position behind a large bush pulling the pin of a potato-masher grenade. Covering the German with his rifle, Pvt. Mills forced him to drop the grenade and captured him. When another enemy soldier attempted to throw a hand grenade into the draw, Pvt. Mills killed him with 1 shot. Brought under fire by a machine gun, 2 machine pistols, and 3 rifles at a range of only 50 feet, he charged headlong into the furious chain of automatic fire shooting his M 1 from the hip. The enemy was completely demoralized by Pvt. Mills’ daring charge, and when he reached a point within 10 feet of their position, all 6 surrendered. As he neared the end of the draw, Pvt. Mills was brought under fire by a machine gunner 20 yards distant. Despite the fact that he had absolutely no cover, Pvt. Mills killed the gunner with 1 shot. Two enemy soldiers near the machine gunner fired wildly at Pvt. Mills and then fled. Pvt. Mills fired twice, killing 1 of the enemy. Continuing on to the position, he captured a fourth soldier. When it became apparent that an assault on the strong point would in all probability cause heavy causalities on the platoon, Pvt. Mills volunteered to cover the advance down a shallow ditch to a point within 50 yards of the objective. Standing on the bank in full view of the enemy less than 100 yards away, he shouted and fired his rifle directly into the position. His ruse worked exactly as planned. The enemy centered his fire on Pvt. Mills. Tracers passed within inches of his body, rifle and machine pistol bullets ricocheted off the rocks at his feet. Yet he stood there firing until his rifle was empty. Intent on covering the movement of his platoon, Pvt. Mills jumped into the draw, reloaded his weapon, climbed out again, and continued to lay down a base of fire. Repeating this action 4 times, he enabled his platoon to reach the designated spot undiscovered, from which position it assaulted and overwhelmed the enemy, capturing 22 Germans and taking the objective without casualties.


Upon his return from service, Private Mills returned to his hometown of Fort Meade where he worked on farming family lands. However, when this trade did not prove profitable, Private Mills began work for the Veterans Administration in Gainesville. Twenty nine years after his time in Italy, Mills lost his life at the hands of a thief posing as a stranded motorist on his way home from Gainesville Florida. Many pictures are available to view at the Fort Meade Historical Museum of Private Mills and of his time as a farmer in Fort Meade.

On this Memorial Day, it is the hope that all would remember those who paid the ultimate price for freedom.

Fort Meade Hosting Indians and Artifacts


Fort Meade Florida – The historical museum of Fort Meade is hosting Yankee’s, Seminoles, and Artifacts on May 23rd and 24th from 10am – 6pm each day. The artifacts have been recovered from the 2nd and 3rd Seminole Wars and the Civil War Battle of Bowlegs Creek. Among the turn out for the festivities were Indian and era appropriate rein-actors. The two day event is focused on bringing knowledge and information to the community of Fort Meade about the rich history of the town. The event which is anticipated to become a yearly event will also to help bring exposure to the historical museum and the conservation of many of the items that have helped to shape the town. Historical museum can always use volunteers. For more information please contact Priscilla at the museum.

Indians posing for pictures in the museum
6 month old Honor Adams receives her Indian face paint
Some of the local residents posing with the Indian
Some of the artifacts on display at the historical museum
Musket fire put on display by the era war re in-actors

This Week In Fort Meade


These events are coming up in Fort Meade over the next week. We will try to have this article coming out once a week, but we will need your help! If you know of an event coming up that you would like to have shared with the community, please make sure you send us an email at


The VFW is having a Memorial Day Ceremony on Saturday the 23rd of May at 11am. So come join us at the VFW Post on Brown Ave in Fort Meade. Then stay afterwards and have a sandwich and refreshments with us

Come join us to honor the memory of those who paid the ultimate price.


YANKEES! and SEMINOLES! and ARTIFACTS! OH MY! May 23/24 from 10 am to 6 pm. More than 1,000 Fort Meade items on display from the 2nd and 3rd Seminole Wars and Civil War’s Battle of Bowlegs Creek. Plus, era weapons display. Plus, living history re-enactors from all three historic events in the area will be camping on the grounds at the Fort Meade Museum, 1 Tecumseh Ave., Fort Meade, FL. This is a partnership venture with the Historic Fort Meade Outpost (SM), the economic development project and historic tourism destination planned at Peace River.


Ft. MeadeHigh school Chorus Musical “Annie” will be presented on Saturday May 23 at 8:30PM and Sunday May 24 at the Fine Arts Auditorium

Graduation 2015

images (1)

May 29th @ 6pm Fort Meade High School Gymnasium

The Community is Cordially invited to share in the accomplishment of the 2015 Class during a graduation ceremony to be held on  May 29th 2015.

A copy of the policies for 2015 Graduation can be found at

FMMSHS Underclassmen Awards


Fort Meade Florida – The awards ceremony for the 9th – 11th grade classes was held at 12:15 p.m. on 5/21/2015. The students that received awards for accomplishments through the course of the school year were as follows

Name Grade
Anfernee Clark 9
Emily Danforth 9
Ever Escalante-Hernandez 9
Andres Hernandez 9
Yaneth Izaquirre 9
Julio Macedo 9
Shelby Pierce 9
Faith Scott 9
Jordan Shaver 9
Jakari Smith 9
Jakobi Smith 9
Asia Daughtry 10
Fernando Hernandez 10
Ricardo Hernandez Carrill 10
Stephanie Morera 10
Bryce Nelson 10
Brian Spradlin 10
Zane Stunkard 10
Tevon Wright 10
Essence Clark 11
Alexis Flint 11
Alvin Harvey 11
Sabrina Maldonado 11
Nathan Music 11
Savanna Powers 11
Samantha Rodriguez 11
Erina Taylor 11
High Honors with Distinction (4.000 and up) GerardoMeza 9 4.192 Excellence
Melanie Cummings 9 4.000 Achievement
High Honors (3.500-3.999) Shelby Pierce 9 3.972 Achievement
Bradley Wellden 9 3.925 Achievement
Dazarin Grier 9 3.857 Achievement
Kearstin Ayers 9 3.805 Achievement
Cameron Belcher 9 3.735 Excellence
Emily Danforth 9 3.714 Achievement
Mia Lackey 9 3.700 Achievement
Faith Scott 9 3.700 Achievement
Kamelya Simmons 9 3.708 Achievement
Christian Haase 9 3.625 Achievement
Clayton Passanesi 9 3.611 Excellence
Veronica Aviles 9 3.583 Achievement
Allison Yopp 9 3.583 Achievement
Osiel Marin 9 3.558 Achievement
Amy Macedo 9 3.555 Achievement
Kayley Harris 9 3.500 Achievement
Honors (3.200-3.499) Tre’Vonta Tollie 9 3.454
Erik Fuentes Aviles 9 3.433
Demetri Rivers 9 3.428
Sarah Woods 9 3.428
Sonya Woods 9 3.428
Raegen Vaughn 9 3.366
Jensenia Carmona 9 3.285
Alyssa Armstrong 9 3.272
Nathan Badillo 9 3.233
Ever Escalante-Hernandez 9 3.200
High Honors with Distinction (4.000 and up) Lynsi Nickerson 10 4.296 Excellence
Karen Mejia 10 4.241 Excellence
Jacquelin Ramirez-Marcelo 10 4.196 Achievement
Desmond Bush 10 4.104 Achievement
Alexandra Stutzman 10 4.078 Achievement
Hunter Santo 10 4.046 Achievement
Hannah Filyaw 10 4.044 Achievement
Rafael Quintero 10 4.000 Achievement
High Honors (3.500-3.999) Ricardo Hernandez Carrill 10 3.879 Excellence
Beatriz Rivera 10 3.820 Achievement
Jerleya McKinzie 10 3.803 Excellence
Stephanie Morera 10 3.714 Excellence
Matthew Skinner 10 3.706 Achievement
Brian Spradlin 10 3.700 Achievement
Hope Whitted 10 3.650 Achievement
Haley Webb 10 3.571 Achievement
Emily Douglas 10 3.553 Achievement
Esvedy Soto 10 3.537 Achievement
Honors (3.200-3.499) Faith Williams 10 3.456
Makaylee Ward 10 3.413
Jacob Barton 10 3.410
Philip Lyle 10 3.403
Maria Hernandez 10 3.396
Athena Taskinen 10 3.396
William Coca 10 3.381
Virginia Bell 10 3.375
Jacob Driskell 10 3.359
Andreik Brown 10 3.357
Cynthia Luna 10 3.320
Stephon Fulse 10 3.318
Cloe Harper 10 3.304
Diana Izaguirre 10 3.285
Aaron Bigsby 10 3.277
High Honors with Distinction (4.000 and up) Llulisa Gutierrez 11 4.150 Achievement
Omar Benitez 11 4.128 Achievement
Bethany Respress 11 4.105 Excellence
Zachary Stunkard 11 4.000 Achievement
High Honors (3.500-3.999) Jessica Swain 11 3.925 Excellence
Erin Taylor 11 3.803 Achievement
Darian Black 11 3.785 Achievement
Jennifer Ocampo 11 3.756 Achievement
Jacob Abbott 11 3.750 Excellence
Diana Jaimes 11 3.743 Achievement
Jessica Aguilar 11 3.738 Excellence
Alexis Flint 11 3.628 Achievement
Marley Prevatt 11 3.589 Excellence
Jillianne Abbott 11 3.550 Achievement
Rebecca Bickford 11 3.528 Achievement
Gabrielle McAuley 11 3.512 Achievement
Janaiza Bush 11 3.500 Achievement
John Gargus 11 3.500 Achievement
Dru Lott 11 3.500 Excellence
Zoe Santo 11 3.500 Achievement
Honors (3.200-3.499) Essence Clark 11 3.460
Lasara Chavez 11 3.405
Marisol Badillo 11 3.371
Samantha Rodriguez 11 3.297
Hunter Bell 11 3.263
Esmeralda Fernandez 11 3.230
Luis Serrano 11 3.230
Shamari Brown 11 3.225
Tianna Nelson 11 3.200


English Department
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
English 1 Caden Music Karley Owens Crosby
English 1 Hon Kamelya Simmons Shelby Pierce
English 2 Silvia Santiago Aguirre Saul Gomez
English 2 Hon Desmond Bush Jacquelin Ramirez-Marcelo
English 3 Christopher Grier Jedidiah Marin
AP Lang & Comp Robert Dwyer Omar Benitez
Math Department
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
Algebra 1 Emily Danforth Stephanie Morera Whitener
Algebra 2 Robert Dwyer Omar Benitez
Lisette Serrano
Algebra 2 Hon Jacquelin Ramirez-Marcelo
Geometry Hannah Smith Lane Powers
Geometry Hon Faith Scott Rafael Quintero
Science Department
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
Earth Space Luke Myers Kaelynn Remsgar Harrell
Biology Ruben Diego Diana Izaguirre
Biology Esmeralda Miranda-Martinez Natalie Gomez
Biology Hon Gerardo Meza
Kayley Harris
Chemistry Adan Bonilla Manuel Hernandez
Chemistry Hon Lasara Chavez Jacquelin Ramirez-Marcelo
AP Environmental Science Omar Benitez
Social Studies Department
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
AP Human Geography Gerardo Meza Shleby Pierce MacDonald
World History Anfernee Clark Stephanie Morera
AP World History Karen Mejia Jacquelin Ramirez-Marcelo
US History Jedidiah Marin Jessica Swain
AP US History Alexus Penick Omar Benitez
Reading Department
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
9th Reading Anfernee Clark Emily Perdomo Gobble
9th Reading Block Ever Escalante-Hernandez Joshua Waibel Gobble
10th Reading Stephanie Morera Coca
Brian Spradlin Beynon
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
3D Art Hunter Santo Lynsi Nickerson Belflower
AP 3D Art Zoe Santo Omar Benitez Belflower
2D Art 1 Stephanie Morera Belflower
AP 2D Art Alexandra Stutzman Belflower
Digital Design Samantha Rodriguez Hall
Intro to Info Tech Shelby Pierce Hall
Web Design Emily Douglas Hall
Culinary Shania Yeoman’s Llulisa Gutierrez Crocket
ITV Brenda Perez Rebecca Bickford Green
Leadership Corey Ferrar Karen Mejia Cornelius
Band Darian Black M. Yopp
Keyboard Rebecca Bickford Phillips
Spanish 1 Sabrina Maldonado W. Coca
Bathany Respress
Spanish 2 Gerardo Meza W. Coca
Alexus Penick 11
Omar Benitez 11
Clarence Carlton 11
Cameron Belcher 9 NHS, Student Council
Daniel Coca 9 Community Service (12)
Ever Escalante-Hernandez 9 Teacher’s Aide
Christian Haase 9 Teacher’s Aide (Schell)
Kayley Harris 9 NHS, Student Council
Mia Lackey 9 Student Council
Clayton Passanesi 9 NHS
Shelby Pierce 9 NHS, Student Council
Faith Scott 9 NHS
Raegen Vaughn 9 NHS
Bradley Wellden 9 NHS
Sarah Woods 9 NHS
Sonya Woods 9 NHS
Allison Yopp 9 Student Council
Jenna Baine 10 Student Council, Teacher’s Aide (Belflower), Community Service (25)
Breasia Barnes 10 Teacher’s Aide (Crockett)
Macey Barnhill 10 Student Council
Jacob Barton 10 Teacher’s Aide (Fream)
Virginia Bell 10 NHS, Office Aide
Aaron Bigsby 10 NHS
Adan Bonilla 10 Community Service (77)
Andriek Brown 10 NHS
Julio Chaidez-Ochoa 10 Community Service (5)
William Coca 10 Community Service (12)
Jacob Driskell 10 NHS, Teacher’s Aide (Gibson)
Hannah Filyaw 10 NHS, Student Council, Community Service ( 99)
Stephon Fulse 10 Teacher’s Aide (Hoien)
Natalie Gomez 10 NHS
Kamryn Harpe 10 Teacher’s Aide (Harrell)
Cloe Harper 10 NHS
Fernando Hernandez 10 Community Service (8)
Maria Hernandez 10 Teacher’s Aide (Harris)
Ricardo Hernandez Carrill 10 Office Aide
Diana Izaguirre 10 NHS
Cynthia Luna 10 Office Aide
Jerleya McKinzie 10 NHS, Media Center Aide
Hailey Meacham 10 Teacher’s Aide (Fream)
Karen Mejia 10 NHS
Stephanie Morera 10 NHS
Cody Moseley 10 Community Service (18)
Kaleb Neely 10 Office Aide
Lynsi Nickerson 10 NHS
Jacob Page 10 Teacher’s Aide (Hayde)
Juliana Page 10 Community Service (12)
Lane Powers 10 Community Service (28)
Rafael Quintero 10 Media Center Aide
Jacquelin Ramirez-Marcelo 10 NHS President, Media Center Aide, Community Service (319)
Beatriz Rivera 10 NHS, Teacher’s Aide (Gobble)
Hunter Santo 10 NHS Historian
Esvedy Soto 10 Teacher’s Aide (W. Coca)
Brian Spradlin 10 NHS, Student Council, Teacher’s Aide (Stutzman)
Keely Staats 10 Teacher’s Aide (Cannon)
Alexandra Stutzman 10 NHS, Media Center Aide
Athena Taskinen 10 Media Center Aide
Rebecca Troller 10 Community Service (4)
Makaylee Ward 10 NHS
Hope Whitted 10 NHS
Faith Whitted 10 Teacher’s Aide (Myers)
Miguel Villalobos 10 Community Service (6)
Jillianne Abbott 11 NHS Treasurer, Student Council, Teacher’s Aide (Hall)
Jessica Aguilar 11 NHS
Hunter Bell 11 Community Service (163)
Omar Benitez 11 NHS
Katherine Bible 11 Teacher’s Aide (Fletcher)
Rebecca Bickford 11 Office Aide
Jacob Bigsby 11 NHS, Teacher’s Aide (Hoien)
Darian Black 11 Community Service (88)
Shamari Brown 11 Student Council
Lasara Chavez 11 NHS, Office Aide, Community Service (310)
Essence Clark 11 NHS, Teacher’s Aide (Petersen), Community Service (248)
Esmeralda Fernandez 11 NHS, Community Service (57)
Alexis Flint 11 NHS, Community Service (51)
John Gargus 11 Teacher’s Aide (Collier)
Llulisa Gutierrez 11 NHS Secretary, Student Council, Teacher’s Aide (Green)
Esbeyda Hernandez 11 Community Service (13)
Hillary Hollis 11 NHS
Diana Jaimes 11 NHS, Community Service (65)
Dru Lott 11 Teacher’s Aide (Belcher)
Hector Martinez 11 Teacher’s Aide (Grant)
Selena Martinez 11 Community Service (38)
Dominque Mathis 11 Teacher’s Aide (Reeves
Jennifer Ocampo 11 NHS, Student Council, Office Aide
Nathan Perdomo 11 Community Service (2)
Savanna Powers 11 Community Service (26)
Marley Prevatt 11 NHS Vice-President, Teacher’s Aide (Hall), , Community Service (25)
Bethany Respress 11 NHS, Teacher’s Aide (Hayde)
Samantha Rodriguez 11 NHS, Community Service (9)
Zoe Santo 11 NHS, Community Service (19)
Luis Serrano 11 NHS
Brianna Shore 11 Teacher’s Aide (Grant )
Jesse Stanley 11 Community Service (273)
Erin Taylor 11 Teacher’s Aide (A. Yopp)
Jacob Waibel 11 Teacher’s Aide (Seng)
Jordan Weeks 11 Teacher’s Aide (Belcher), Community Service (206)
Kenyetta West 11 Teacher’s Aide (Rasmussen), Community Service (131)

FMMSHS Middle School Awards


Fort Meade Florida – The awards ceremony for the middle school was held in the morning on 5/21/2015. The following students received awards for accomplishments of the course of the school year.


Synthia Abonza 6
Marcelino Acevedo 6
Tyler Baker 6
Hezekiah Clark 6
Avery Flint 6
Briceyda Gomez 6
Jamila Graham 6
Jayden Harvey 6
Jermaine Harvey 6
Dauntranese Henry 6
Ivan Huang 6
Angel Islas 6
Ashanti Jones 6
Jayson Jones 6
Yuritizi Marcelo 6
Devin Moyer 6
Jantsyn Music 6
Mariajose Nunez 6
Austin Pirke 6
Adriana Ramirez-Marcelo 6
Federico Ramirez-Marcelo 6
Elizabeth Razo 6
Daisy Reyes 6
Angeles Salmeron 6
Esmeralda Santos 6
Daniel Spiller 6
Esmeralda Venagas 6
Tre’niya Baker 7
Fransico Calderon 7
Cameron Carlton 7
Diego Chaidez 7
Lesly De Loera 7
Chase Deboard 7
Mauricio Fernandez 7
Cristian Godinez 7
Abelardo Lozano 7
Emily Martinez 7
Jonathan Perez 7
Halee Shaver 7
Carson Spradlin 7
Caylee Wandrey 7
Jazmin Delgado 8
Arasely Guerrero 8
Adrian Gutierrez 8
Fernando Razo 8
Misael Reyes 8
Luciano Santos 8
Makayla Shaver 8
Daniel Sockalosky 8
Laynee Vaughn 8
Kennedy Westbrook 8


Honor Roll with High Honors with Distinction (4.000 and above) Tyler Baker 6 4.000 AB Achievement
Avery Flint 6 4.000 A Excellence
Lisbet Gonzales 6 4.000 AB Achievement
Stefanie McAbee 6 4.000 A Excellence
Amador Mendoza 6 4.000 A Excellence
Honor Roll with High Honors Recognition (3.500-3.999) Arkadius Mikler 6 3.857 A Excellence
Adriana Ramirez-Marcelo 6 3.857 Achievement
Daisy Reyes 6 3.857 AB Achievement
Johnathon Young 6 3.857 Excellence
Deonte Anderson 6 3.714 Achievement
Priscilla De La Cerda 6 3.714 AB Achievement
Jessica Diego-Buenaventura 6 3.714 AB Achievement
Federico Ramirez-Marcelo 6 3.714 AB Achievement
Rylen Vaughn 6 3.714 Achievement
Briseyda Gomez 6 3.571 Achievement
Shane Harper 6 3.571 Achievement
Mariajose Nunez 6 3.571 Achievement
Helen Ocampo 6 3.571 AB Achievement
Emma Respress 6 3.571 Achievement
Honor Roll with Honors Recognition (3.200-3.499) Marcelino Acevedo 6 3.429
Dominic Armbruster 6 3.429 AB
Kaylee Bautista-Luviano 6 3.429
Kler Felix 6 3.429
Ivan Huang 6 3.429
Yuritizi Marcelo 6 3.429
Tayler Moseley 6 3.429
Lauryn O’Neal 6 3.429 AB
Erick Perez-Cruz 6 3.429
Luis Santillan 6 3.429
Avery Williams 6 3.429
Vicente Chaidez 6 3.286
Kayla Gonzales 6 3.286
Mirian Martinez 6 3.286
Jantsyn Music 6 3.286
India Reid 6 3.286
Emma Shirer 6 3.286 AB
Wilkin Wilkin 6 3.286
Honor Roll (3.000-3.199) Angelica Gaona 6 3.143
Carolina Gomez 6 3.143
Tyler Hancock 6 3.143
Dylan Kinney 6 3.143
Gabriel Latham 6 3.143
Nereyda Marin-Calles 6 3.143
Andy Gonzalez 6 3.000
Kadin Harpe 6 3.000
Dauntranese Henry 6 3.000
Jarrell Jackson 6 3.000
Summer Lucas 6 3.000
Elizabeth Newman 6 3.000
Jacqueline Reynoso 6 3.000
Honor Roll with High Honors with Distinction (4.000 and above) Luis Calvillo 7 4.000 AB Excellence
Melanie Hernandez 7 4.000 Achievement
Karah Holt 7 4.000 A Excellence
De’Andre Johnson 7 4.000 Excellence
Megan Johnson 7 4.000 Achievement
Halee Shaver 7 4.000 Achievement
Carson Spradlin 7 4.000 A Excellence
Caylee Wandrey 7 4.000 A Excellence
Honor Roll with High Honors Recognition (3.500-3.999) Savannah Adams 7 3.857 AB Excellence
Danielle Barnhill 7 3.857 AB Achievement
Jonathan Barrios 7 3.857 Achievement
Teaundra Camp 7 3.857 AB Excellence
Lesly De Loera 7 3.857 AB Achievement
Michael Martinez 7 3.857 Excellence
Chandler White 7 3.857 Excellence
Collin Daniels 7 3.714 Achievement
Riley Grant 7 3.714 AB Achievement
Mirna Luna 7 3.714 Achievement
Elizabeth Bazemore 7 3.571 Achievement
Hugo Gomez 7 3.571 Achievement
Nejah Jones 7 3.571 Achievement
Emily Martinez 7 3.571 Achievement
Trent Town 7 3.571 Achievement
Je’Ray Walker 7 3.571 AB Achievement
Cassilynn Ziglar 7 3.571 AB Achievement
Honor Roll with Honors Recognition (3.200-3.499) Fransico Calderon 7 3.429
Cristian Godinez 7 3.429
Kyle Johnson 7 3.429
Austin Palacios 7 3.429
Adriana Prieto 7 3.429
Ruben Suarez 7 3.429
Katherine Bell 7 3.286
Charity Bush 7 3.286
Camilo Hernandez 7 3.286
Joreni Maldonado 7 3.286
Megan Meeks 7 3.286
Marlene Salazar-Camacho 7 3.286
Honor Roll (3.000-3.199) Jose Camacho 7 3.143
Emily Clark 7 3.143
Diana Garcia-Mondragon 7 3.143
Laela Hernandez 7 3.143
Skylar Long 7 3.143
Izellah Marciante 7 3.143
Carlos Razo 7 3.143
Hunter Reeves 7 3.143
Liliana Rojas 7 3.143
Alisa Velasquez 7 3.143
Anthony Aguilar-Torres 7 3.000
Mary-Kate Colchado 7 3.000
Abelardo Lozano 7 3.000
Jonathan Perez 7 3.000
Kayli Prevatt 7 3.000
Isaac Underwood 7 3.000
Honor Roll with High Honors with Distinction (4.000 and above) Dniela Avalos 8 4.000 AB Achievement
Senaida Avalos 8 4.000 AB Achievement
Jasmine De La Cerda 8 4.000 AB Excellence
Christian Mejia 8 4.000 Achievement
Christopher Mikler 8 4.000 A Excellence
Jacqueline Montes Godinez 8 4.000 A Achievement
Briana Rowell 8 4.000 Achievement
Laynee Vaughn 8 4.000 A Excellence
Honor Roll with High Honors Recognition (3.500-3.999) Abigayle Conrad 8 3.857 Achievement
Maria Hernandez 8 3.857 AB Achievement
Shannon Belcher 8 3.833 AB Achievement
Jazmin Delgado 8 3.833 Achievement
Alexis Gargus 8 3.833 Achievement
Peyton Santo 8 3.833 AB Achievement
Courdeja Clark 8 3.800 AB Achievement
Kennedy Westbrook 8 3.800 Achievement
Teresa Acevedo 8 3.714 Achievement
Eddie-Jo Kennedy 8 3.714 Excellence
Briana Pineda 8 3.714 Achievement
Jason Vaughn 8 3.600 Achievement
Hannah Browder 8 3.571 Achievement
Kamron Simmons 8 3.500 Achievement
Daniel Sockalosky 8 3.500 AB Achievement
Honor Roll with Honors Recognition (3.200-3.499) Saira Dominguez 8 3.429
Kiley Grafstrom 8 3.429
Brianna Velasquez 8 3.429
Haley Locke 8 3.333
SandravMatra Cruz 8 3.333
Makayla Shaver 8 3.333
Pamela Morera 8 3.286
Peyton Music 8 3.286
Brittanyy Williams 8 3.286
Alexander Stewart 8 3.200
Honor Roll (3.000-3.199) Yoselin Carmona-Reyes 8 3.143
Morganne Crews 8 3.143
Robert Ebi 8 3.143
Guadalupe Hernandez 8 3.143
Shelby Hernandez 8 3.143
Britney Knowles 8 3.143
Jacob Respress 8 3.143
Cierra Andrews 8 3.000
Allen Armbruster 8 3.000
Cyydney Clark 8 3.000
Luis Diego 8 3.000
Jonathan Grissette 8 3.000
Adrian Gutierrez 8 3.000
Dearrick Howard 8 3.000
Shirley McDuffie 8 3.000
Cheyenee McElroy 8 3.000
Adahlia Ortiz 8 3.000
Alexis Shaver 8 3.000
Brisa Villalobos 8 3.000


Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
M/J Art 2D Daniel Sockalosky Je’Ray Walker Belflower
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
Computer Applications 1 Caylee Wandrey Hall
Computer Applications 2 Jacqueline Loza Hall
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
Culinary Eddie Jo Kennedy Karah Holt Crockett
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
PE Amani Beckford Kamron Simmons Nelson
Destiny Martinez Ashanti Jones
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
Chorus Briceyda Gomez Phillips
Keyboard Cornelio Aguilar Laura Valle Phillips
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
ITV Hugo Gomez Luis Calvillo Green
Subject Most Improved Top Student Teacher
Intermediate Spanish Madison Meacham Avery Flint I. Coca


Subject Regular Education STEM Teacher
M/J Language Arts 1 Helen Ocampo Avery Flint Cannon
M/J Math 1 Lisbet Gonzales Lauryn O’Neal Craft
M/J Science 1 Priscilla De La Cerda (Amador) Tomas Mendoza Schell
M/J World History Adriana Ramirez Stefanie McAbee Doeden
6th Grade Reading Ahmad Freeman (MI) Deonte Anderson Fulse
Jacqueline Reynoso (MI) Rylen Vaughn Bryan
Students of Distinction
6th Grade
Tyler Baker
Priscilla De La Cerda
Jessica Diego-Buenaventura
Avery Flint
Briceyda Gomez
Lisbet Gonzales
Ivan Huang
Yuritzi Marcelo
Stefanie McAbee
(Amador) Tomas Mendoza
Arkadius Mikler
Helen Ocampo
Adriana Ramirez-Marcelo
Federico Ramirez-Marcelo
Emma Respress
Daisy Reyes
Esmeralda Santos
Emma Shirer
Overall Most Effort in 6th Grade Marcelino Acevedo Ashanti Jones Jessica Martinez

Fort Meade FFA Honors Achievements


Fort Meade Florida – May 7th 2015, a special banquet was held to honor those in the Fort Meade FFA programs and the achievements from this past year. Senior FFA president was the master of ceremonies and had plenty of awards to hand out. The banquet was catered courtesy of Fowlers Grocery in Fort Meade. The traditional gavel was given to the outgoing president and even FFA chapter adviser, Mr. Collier was not exempt, receiving a mountain of cases of water from the chapter. The FFA program will soon elect new officers and get ready for the 2015-2016 year.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office Undercover Detectives Arrest Seven at Saddle Creek and Gator Creek Parks


On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, Polk County Sheriff’s Office detectives, acting in an undercover capacity, conducted an investigation focusing on complaints about indecent activity at the parks. 

A total of seven men were arrested on charges ranging from Trespass after Warning, Battery, and Exposure of Sexual Organs. Five of the men told detectives they were married.  

Those arrested were: 

1.    51-year-old Ernest Bolen, Davenport.  Bolen was charged with Offer to Commit/Engage in Lewdness, and Indecent Exposure in Public after detectives observed Bolen exposing himself while masturbating.  He remains in the Polk County Jail at this time.  Bolen is married.

2.    64-year-old James Richie Jr., Lakeland.  Richie was charged with Trespassing.  Richie had was arrested in a similar investigation in 2007 and had been trespassed from the park.  Richie was released from jail after posting a $500 bond.  Richie is married.

3.    75-year-old Johnnie Baisden, Lakeland, was charged with Offer to Commit/Engage in Lewdness and Indecent Exposure in Public after detectives observed Baisden expose himself and masturbate.  Baisden was released from jail after posting a $750 bond.  

4.    62-year-old Joe Poe, Auburndale.  Poe was charged with Offer to Commit/Engage in Lewdness after offering to perform oral sex on the undercover detective.  During his arrest Poe said he wanted to harm himself and was Baker Acted and taken to an area hospital.  Poe is married. 

5.    47-year-old Timothy McGill, Lakeland.  McGill was charged with Offer to Commit/Engage in Lewdness, and Indecent Exposure in Public, after detectives observed McGill exposing himself while masturbating. McGill was released from jail after posting a $750 bond.  McGill is married. 

6.    36-year-old Nobel Herrera-Alfonso, Winter Haven.  Herrera-Alfonso was charged with Offer to Commit/Engage in Lewdness after exposing himself and masturbate in front of an undercover detective while in the park restroom.  Herrera-Alfonso was released from jail after posting a $250 bond.  Herrera-Alfonso is married. 

7.    64-year-old Frederick Hebner, Davenport.  Hebner was charged with Battery after grabbing the undercover detective’s crotch twice during the investigation. Hebner was released from jail after posting a $500 bond.

“Polk County’s family friendly parks are not open to those who commit lewd acts. We will not tolerate this criminal behavior and we will continue to monitor our county parks and recreational facilities to ensure the safety of our citizens.” – Sheriff Grady Judd

***All information within this article is courtesy of PCSO***