Bettye Barnett Memorial Rose Garden

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Shown in the photo are Shirley in the center flanked by Barnett’s grand nephews, Addison Barnett (L) and John Connally Barnett (R). Not shown is Bob Shirley who created the stand for the plaque.

On Friday, July 10, the Fort Meade Garden Club placed a memorial plaque at the Bettye Barnett Memorial Rose Garden located at the intersection of W Broadway and S Charleston. Club President June Shirley directed the placement of the plaque at the informal event.

Bettye Barnett had been a founding member of the club and was elected its first president; then held the leadership office again continuously from 1995 until her death July 28, 2012.  Her talent in growing and arranging flowers was well known and admired throughout the state. She had been a life member of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs since 1986 and was inducted into the FFGC Hall of Fame in 2011.
At the presentation of the garden on Dec. 12, 2012, Shirley had noted, “It is very fitting to remember Bettye in this special public way. As our leader, all our (the Garden Club) projects were to make Fort Meade a better place to live. She had a love for beauty and her town. So we proclaim this rose garden the Bettye Barnett Memorial Rose Garden.”
*** Information supplied for this article from Fort Meade Garden Club ***

One thought on “Bettye Barnett Memorial Rose Garden

  1. The flowers for my first prom corsage were grown and arranged by Aunt Bettye. She grew orchids to match my dress. What a wonderful and elegant lady she was.


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