Mass Officer Shooting in Baton Rouge Louisiana; 3 Killed; Shooter Identified *** Updated ***


Baton Rouge La – This morning, several officers have been injured in a mass shooting in Baton Rouge Louisiana and some are feared dead. After receiving a report of a person walking down Airline Highway with an assault rifle. Upon arrival of the officers, the gunman opened fire on the officers. Some of the other officers involved are listed in critical condition.

A source from the area with knowledge of the investigation whom will remain nameless states “It’s a damn war zone in Baton Rouge.. largely due to Obama… Obama is responsible for the deaths of these policemen”

The statements from the president as well as the Governor of Minnesota in recent days are being called into question as to the possible catalyst for the escalation of violence.

This is still an active situation. One suspect has been confirmed dead while 2 are still at large however, law enforcement is stating the situation is contained.

Fort Meade Daily News will bring more information as it becomes available. Check back for updates to this article as they become available.


Officers have identified the shooter as Gavin Long a 29 year old Missouri man. He was born on July 17, 1987. He was killed in a gunbattle with other officers responding to the shootings on Sunday July 17th 2016 that killed 3 Baton Rouge officers and wounded several others.


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