Fort Meade High School Open House


Tuesday, September 20th is open house and Title 1 Annual Meeting.  Feel free to attend either session, 2:15pm to 3pm or 5pm to 6pm.  As a reward for attending,  students whose parents or guardians attend will receive an incentive.

  • Middle School students whose parents or guardians attend will receive one free out of uniform pass to use on a designated day.  Middle School students who receive this pass can follow the high school dress code on the announce day.
  • High School students whose parents or guardians attend will receive a cell phone pass.  The cell phone pass will allow students to use their cell phones between classes and during lunch on the designated day.

To receive these passes a parent or guardian must attend open house Tuesday and visit their child’s teacher.  Please come to the cafeteria first to receive your child’s interim report and the signature card for teachers to sign.  The signature cards will be left with the last teacher for students to receive their incentive.

While speaking to Principal Amy Hardee she stated :

We need parent to attend. This is very important. We are hoping that these incentives will help to get more parents at this open house.

We also discussed with her about the use of technology in the school. Students are often times urged with certain classes to become involved through apps in the classroom to participate in class discussion. Technology such as cell phones are also some times used to look up information under then instruction of the teacher because these devices are mini computers and allow for the students to use their phones in that respect without the fear of being in trouble.

We hope you can attend so we can work together to ensure your child’s academic success.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 863-285-1180.


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