Benefits to Support Local 10yr old – Cooper Hicks

Meet Cooper Hicks.

Cooper Hicks.jpg

Cooper has epilepsy on both sides of brain he has Neuro and Cardi syncope which is a condition which causes Cooper to pass out or become very light and clammy.
He has been diagnosed with Aspergers disorder (high function autism); mitochondrial disease (body doesn’t accept protein and can’t give energy); Tachycardia; severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and Dysautonimia which is a condition that attacks your autonomic nervous system basically shuts organs down. He can’t keep temperature so he’s always cold doesn’t matter if its 100 degrees outside.

Because of the Asperger’s (it effect smells touch taste texture- what he eats today he won’t tomorrow) Mitochondrial and Dysautonimia disorders have caused him to have to have a feeding tube inserted in his stomach. At this point he still eats and drinks by mouth but it’s day to day basis.

He tired easily, noises are harsh on him and sometimes crowds are to much. Has blood draws weekly, and is currently being monitored for transplant evaluation of stomach and / or intestines.

Cooper has to travel between all these different specialists:
All Childrens St Pete
Nemours Kissimmee
Wolfson Jacksonville
Arnold Palmer Orlando
Chicago children’s hospital Chicago
Jackson Memorial Transplant Miami

The First Baptist Church are having a benefit Spaghetti lunch and cake auction to help with the load of medical bills and costs associated with Cooper’s care. The Benefit and Cake Auction will be held on October 30th from 12:00 noon – 1:30pm at the First Baptist Church in Fort Meade. For more information, about this worthwhile event… call
Donnie and Teresa True at 698-0927 or Charlie and Beverly Graves at 559-1154.

There will also be a benefit taking place on November 12th at the Bartow Mosiac Park from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Area country artist Chas Kincaid from Lake Wales area, we be returning home from Nashville to take part in the event.

T-Shirts are also being sold in support of Cooper. The first order will be on October 1st and all shirts are pre order. They are $27 for adults and $17 for kids. You can get more information about the shirts on Coopers official facebook page,




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