Trump Holds Rally in Lakeland


Lakeland Fl – Today Donald Trump made an appearance at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport to speak to a crowd of approximately 5000 with at least 2000 more supporters outside of the facility.

During his speech which lasted about 45 minutes, Trump promised change to America if he is elected. The crowd many time erupting in applause and Trump chants.

Trump told the spectators that the reason he is running is because America has given him a great family, and he wants to make America great again.

During the event, there were numerous attacks on the media for failure to fully report all of the news effectively. This came to the delight of the crowd.

Trump promised to appoint a special prosecutor to not only look into the matters concerning not only Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but also her staff that was involved during the email  scandal.

At one point during the event he referred to Florida as his second home and promised to money back towards agriculture and get jobs back in this state.

At the end of the rally, Trump stated:

To the African America community, Latino community, and all other communities, I will be there for you as your President.  – Donald J. Trump





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