New Trend Spreading Joy with Rocks

By now, you might have seen one when you go to the park, or to the store or just about anywhere in Polk County. Painted Rocks. The new trend came to Florida after Lakeland resident Scott Urquhart and his family attended a wedding in Vancouver. They saw a brightly painted rock and after checking they found this to be a comunity project designed to spread joy and happiness. 
Urquhart and his family knew they had to bring this idea back to their town. They started the Lakeland Rocks page and now are over 20,000 members. 

The idea is simple. Get rocks and supplies, get creative, and hide them in the community. When people find the rocks they can choose to rehide them or keep them if they mean something special to them. There is not a right and wrong way to participate. 

This movement has now moved all over Polk County including our very own Fort Meade. The page is called “Fort Meade Rocks” and admins say they hope everyone gets involved. There have been a few finds so far and people have posted some nice pictures of the finds and hints to the new locations!!! 

Admins of the Fort Meade group say there are a few rules but creativity is never dictated. “People can use this for a means of expression and take joy in knowing that their creation might brighten the day of someone they dont even know”.

In the world today there are very few movements and trends that spread joy and community involvement and founders hope this helps the community of Fort Meade in a very beautiful way. 


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