Debris Collection Map Available for Residents


Bartow, Fla. (Oct. 13, 2017) —  Polk County residents will be able to track the progress of the county’s Hurricane Irma debris pickup through a weekly map that shows an approximate timeline for when residents can expect to have service.

In the map, which also is attached, the county is divided into a grid system and color coded for ease of use. The red/pink areas are the places where Crowder/Gulf’s crews are currently working. The yellow areas are the sections where the company plans to move into within two weeks of today. And the white sections, which are mostly rural, are areas where county-owned trucks are servicing.

The City of Lakeland, which has its own crews for debris removal within the city limits, is not included on this map.

The county’s debris contractor, Crowder/Gulf, already has collected about half of Polk’s vegetative debris left by Hurricane Irma. Through Friday afternoon, the company had collected nearly 1.1 million cubic yards of debris. It is estimated that the storm left behind about 2 million cubic yards.

This map will be updated weekly and can be found on the county’s website at, under Hurricane Irma Information, and on the county’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.



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