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CALLING ALL ARTISTS, CRAFTERS, ART LOVERS & FESTIVAL GOERS!!!                                       

Saturday, February 17, 2018 
W. Broadway St. 
Fort Meade, Fl. 33841
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Debra Howell  – Co-Chair  863-245-1833
Dorothy Lewis – Co-Chair  863-245-6470
An awesome thing is happening in Fort Meade! It’s an art awakening! Sprouting wings in colors, textures, sounds, movement, images, and life! You’re invited to become a part of this “great art awakening” at the Broadway Prism Arts and Crafts Festival. FREE ADMISSION. There will be Artists, Crafters, Entertainment, Food, Kid’s Art Zone, Awards, and more for the entire family.
*CALC -The Cultural Arts Legacy Committee, an Arts advocacy group which is a subsidiary of Fort Meade Neighborhood Development Project, Inc.~  FMNDPI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors and Community Members.

Davenport Mayor arrested for criminal use of deceased person’s ID

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On Tuesday, December 5, 2017, Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested 60-year-old Teresa Bradley of Davenport, who is the mayor of Davenport, and charged her with Criminal Use of Deceased Person’s ID (F-3), Possession of Altered/Counterfeit Decal (F-3), and Unlawful use of Handicapped Placard (M-2).
She was booked into the Polk County Jail and released after posting $2,250 bond.
“We expect our elected officials to set the proper example. She not only violated the law, she embarrassed the citizens of Davenport with her illegal conduct.” – Grady Judd, Sheriff
In November 2017, PCSO received information that Bradley was parking in handicapped spots at Davenport City Hall, but was not known to be handicapped or have a placard issued to her. Deputies observed her parking in one of the designated handicapped spots, placing the placard on her mirror before exiting her car, and removing the placard again once she returned to her car.
During a search warrant of her residence, deputies found two handicapped placards issued to two different victims, one of whom died in 2012 and one of whom died in 2015.
The following is an excerpt from her affidavit, and is self-explanatory:
On 11-08-2017, information was obtained that the current City Mayor of Davenport, Teresa Bradley, was parking her personally owned vehicle in various handicapped parking spots at Davenport City Hall and she is not known to have a valid reason for being issued a handicapped placard by the State of Florida. 

Records were obtained from the Office of the Polk County Tax Collector that confirmed neither Mayor Teresa Bradley nor her husband John Lepley were issued either a disabled placard or a handicapped license plate by the State of Florida. 

Deputies received information which revealed that Mayor Teresa Bradley was in possession of and used handicapped placard number of A7324747 with a displayed expiration date of 10-18. This placard was found to be issued to Evelyn Klinger Letterman of Davenport with a true expiration of 10-30-2013. Further research revealed that Evelyn Klinger Letterman died on 08-29-2012. 

At around 1745 hours, video was obtained showing Mayor Teresa Bradley driving her black Ford Crown Victoria entering the one-way roadway identified as Williams Street before parking this vehicle in one of two clearly marked handicapped parking spots on the North side of the building. Your affiant observed no displayed placard prior to the vehicle parking in the handicapped spot. Video was also obtained of Mayor Teresa Bradley exiting the vehicle with no assistance, removing a large wheeled brief/suit case from the trunk and walking into the City Hall meeting without assistance. 

Each of the two described handicapped parking spots are marked properly with a clear blue painted line showing the parking location on the concrete ground and a clearly visible sign showing the parking spot is for handicapped persons with an associated violation fine. 

Still images were then obtained of the properly displayed placard and with the quality of the image I was able to zoom in on the decal itself. This allowed your affiant to inspect the associated placard number and Florida DL/ID number assigned to the decal (Validation Sticker). This review revealed the placard number matched the primary placard number of A7324747 and the Florida DL number which belongs to Evelyn Klinger Letterman. 

This also confirmed the decal expiration on the decal as 10-18 meaning October of 2018. Confirmation has been obtained from the Polk County Tax Collector, where this placard was issued, that this placard did in fact expire at the time of her death but on face value, 10-30-2013, thus making this decal false. The Polk County Tax Collector’s Office also confirmed Mayor Teresa Bradley has never been issued a handicapped placard and is not authorized to have one. 

On 12-04-2017 members of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Identity Theft Strike Force responded to the Davenport City Council Meeting. At around 1836 hours, they observed a black Ford Crown Victoria entering the one-way roadway identified as Williams Street before parking  in one of two clearly marked handicapped parking spots on the North side of the building. Video was also obtained of Mayor Teresa Bradley exiting the vehicle with no assistance, removing a large wheeled brief/suit case from the trunk and walking into the City Hall meeting without assistance.

Still images were obtained on the same above placard being presented hanging from the rear view mirror of the vehicle. Video was also obtained at the conclusion of the meeting showing Mayor Teresa Bradley entering her vehicle by herself and removing the posted placard before driving away from this location. 

The facts above support the probable cause belief that Mayor Teresa Bradley did knowingly utilize a handicapped placard within Polk County without authorization in violation of F.S.S. 320.0848. 

Mayor Teresa Bradley also knowingly used the personal information (Florida DL/ID number) of Evelyn Klinger Letterman after her death in violation of F.S.S. 817.568 (8)(A). 
Mayor Teresa Bradley also knowingly possessed an altered or counterfeit decal (validation sticker) in this state in violation of F.S.S. 320.26.

Polk County Fire Rescue Public Education Van Hits The Streets


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Bartow, Fla. (December 5, 2017) — In addition to offering exceptional fire and emergency medical services to the community, Polk County Fire Rescue has a Life Safety Education team  that conducts educational programs on life and fire safety. The team now has a new vehicle wrapped with several safety messages.

“The mission of Polk County Fire Rescue is to work in partnership with our community to protect lives and property,” said Public Education Manager Rosa LaLonde. “We have many programs for adults and youth to support our mission.”

“It is our hope that as the residents, visitors and business owners see our Life Safety Education van out on the streets of Polk County, Fire Chief Anthony Stravino added.  “These safety messages will be a simple, yet effective reminder to help reinforce our safety agenda.”

Adult programs

  • Citizen Hurricane Preparedness
  • Emergency? How, When and Why to call 9-1-1
  • Fire and Falls Prevention for Older Adults – Remembering When
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Grandkids Are Coming To Visit! Are You Prepared?
  • Hands Only CPR – Check, Call Compress
  • Holiday Fire Safety

Youth programs

  • Children Emergency Preparedness – The Pillowcase Project
  • Family Safety House
  • Fire Engine/Ambulance Visit
  • Safety Smart Series
  • Safety Smart In The Water
  • Safety Smart About Fire
  • Safety Smart At Home

Those interested in learning more about programs offered by the Polk County Fire Rescue education team should visit

Burglary at T-Mobile Lake Wales


On December 1, 2017, Lake Wales Police were dispatched to a Burglary call at the T-Mobile store at 2800 Ridge Way Suite B.  Officers arrived and observed the front window shattered. The interior had been ransacked.  The owner of this local store responded to the scene and was able to determine that the unknown suspects did knowingly and intentionally take possession of numerous phones and accessories totaling $8800 dollars. Video shows five unknown suspects enter the premises through the broken window and commit the thefts from inside before fleeing the scene.

The suspects were driving two vehicles:

  1. Tan 4-door Toyota sedan
  2. Black 4-door Kia sedan

The suspects got back in these vehicles and fled the area. The suspects appear to be the same as those who committed same-type criminal acts in other cities throughout East Polk County last night.

Anyone having information on this burglary is asked to call Detective Ben Metz at (863) 678-4223 extension 265 or Heartland Crime Stoppers at (800) 226-8477.


PCSO Detectives Arrest ARNP for Trafficking in Oxycodone, and Multiple Counts of Fraud


On Friday, December 1, 2017, PCSO undercover detectives arrested Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) and former PCSO legal assistant, 52-year-old Jodi Levins of 737 Waterbridge Drive SW in Winter Haven, and charged her with 32 counts Obtaining a Controlled Substance by Fraud (F-3), 6 counts Criminal Use of Personal ID (F-3), and 7 counts Trafficking in Oxycodone (F-1,) after investigation revealed she has been writing fraudulent prescriptions for former patients of hers (after being fired from a doctor’s office) and then picking up the prescriptions at pharmacies “on their behalf,” and keeping the drugs for her own use.

The pharmacies she used were the Quick N Save, located at 722 East Memorial Blvd, Lakeland, and Publix, located at 2515 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland.

Levins was hired by PCSO in 1987 working in telecommunications. She transferred to crime scene in 1988, then transferred to legal affairs in 1998 where she was a legal assistant. She resigned in 2005.

She was taken into custody today at her current place of employment, Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine, 1021 Lakeland Hills Boulevard in Lakeland.

The DEA is in the process of revoking her license and DEA number. She was just taken into custody, and will be interviewed before being booked into the Polk County Jail.

The bond amounts for Jodi Levins, the suspect who was arrested by PCSO yesterday for fraud, criminal use of personal ID, and trafficking in Oxycodone, are:

$1,000 bond for each count Obtaining Controlled Substance by Fraud – 32 total counts = $32,000

$1,000 bond for each count Criminal Use of Personal ID – 6 total counts = $6,000

No bond for each count (7) of Trafficking in Oxycodone