Local Martial Artists Capture State Medals looking to Nationals

Since opening in September in Fort Meade, Champions Tae Kwon Do has uncovered a lot of amazing talent within the community.

I knew there were talented kids in this area, but we have uncovered so many kids that have a potential to go a long way in Tae Kwon Do. – Ramona Waibel, Manager

Champions Tae Kwon Do attended Florida State AAU competition this weekend and returned home with a 12 person nationals qualified team and 22 medals including 9 state gold medals.

Jeremy Riner – 2nd Forms / 1st Sparring
David Remer – 3rd Forms / 2nd Sparring
Nicholas Hernandez – 3rd Forms / 1st Sparring
Jessica Perry – Qualified for Nationals
Hunter Innis – 3rd Forms / 1st Sparring
KaraLynn Tootle – 1st Forms / 1st Sparring
Kirin Hutson – 2nd Forms / 1st Sparring
Lacy Wallace – 3rd Forms / 2nd Sparring
Michael Gavaghan – 2nd Forms / 1st Sparring
Allyssa Wainwright – 2nd Forms / 1st Sparring
Joshua Waibel – 2nd Forms / 3rd Sparring
Jeffery Dart – 2nd Forms / 1st Sparring

Nationals will be June 30 – July 6th in Fort Lauderdale. The team is currently raising money to get them there. There will be a spaghetti dinner this Saturday May 4th to assist with fundraising. Tickets will be $8 and will include spaghetti, bread, green beans, salad and a dessert. Walk ins will be welcome and pickup times will be between 12-2 or 4-6. If you need tickets they are available through the school or any team member.


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